Wainscoting is a powerful way to visibly enhance your walls with contrast and style. It can transforming a boring wall to one expressing rhythm and warmth. Wainscoting increases character and is a great way to add contrast to the walls above, whether through materiality, tone or texture.

Innovation in design and material has meant advancements in a number of areas over alternative wooden panels. Firstly, thanks to a new patented system, we are able to custom measure each wall to create equal spacing intervals. This allows no uneven corners or spacing that many timber alternatives struggle to overcome.
Secondly, by crafting it one piece from chair rail down to the skirting, installation is a breeze. Unlike wooden panels, containing multiple joins and skilful labour - our panels stick straight on the wall all one piece, saving time and cost.
Thirdly, the material used is a new ultra hard plaster, providing durability and peace of mind. Unlike wooden alternatives the material doesn't crack and is even waterproof - suitable any room.
Fourthly, yes there is a fourth! Our price is very competitive and you'd be hard pressed to find wooden panels at a similar price.

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